These are my tips and tricks of how I got a job in just 4 days after graduating from Bootcamp

So you just graduated coding bootcamp, you are all set, revved up, and ready to loop over any problem thrown your way. You apply to job after job and get ghosted over and over again. Your resume looks good, your portfolio has working projects but you can’t seem to get a callback. Take a deep breath, I have put together the strategies I used to get a job in just 4 days after graduating from coding bootcamp.

Gain an understanding of observables from a birds-eye view

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They say that the best way to learn is to teach, I am no expert on observables but I have done a ton of research and want to do my best to help you understand this concept that I struggled to understand.

A Basic Overview

My goal for this is to keep things as simple as possible for reviewing such a robust concept. I had observables described to me as an array over time, think of it as a steady stream of data that is being monitored with decisions made.

This is my story of the 5 areas where I felt my Bootcamp failed me.

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After being in the field of programming for 2.5 years, I decided to go back to school and learn from the professionals. I had been a freelancer and had worked for small to medium-sized businesses and as web-development project manager. I wanted to enter the profession at a higher level and decided to go back to school for some formal training and to up my game.

I know that boot camps are there to give you as much of a foundation as they can in…

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When I got my first job in web dev I had been self-taught for about 6 months. I started applying probably a little earlier than I should have but I was eager to get going, eager to better provide for my family.

My first job in the industry was at a mid-sized digital marketing firm, we built websites for small to medium-sized businesses. I was beyond excited to be there and be around real developers. The job was client-facing so I got to experience things from multiple angles. …

Tips and tricks that I’ve learned

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I don’t care who you are, how long you’ve been coding, or what your education level is, it is inevitable that you will come across a problem and you will get stuck. It’s easy and normal to feel frustrated, but with some patience, internal fortitude, and some help from Google, you can charge through your mental barriers, solve that issue, and get unstuck.

To help you on your journey, I thought I would share with you a few things I like to do to help me get out of the proverbial mud.

Evolve Your Life

How to be more than they said you could be.

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Growing up, I wasn’t given much of a chance, my mother was mentally ill and I never met my father. My mom and I were homeless off and on and if it weren’t for my aunt and uncle taking me in after my mother tried to take my life at 10 years old, I am not sure I would be here today.

However, this isn’t a sob story, this is a story about triumph, about taking the opportunity to be your own hero and turn your life around. I shouldn’t…

Ideas that might make your experience better

Back in August, I wrote an article about 5 tips for new developers. Shortly after that, I enrolled in a Coding-Bootcamp to refine my skills and become better at my craft. With a little over a month to go and on my final project I thought I would write a sequel of sorts and give my insights into the ever-popular Coding-Bootcamp. Of course, this is my specific experience with one individual course, not all courses are created equal and your experience my be different.

1. Prepare beforehand:

When I started this course I had already been…

The path to becoming a software engineer is long and arduous. It involves many late nights, early mornings, and everything in between. I’ve been in the business now for 3 years, doing small jobs for friends, family, and small businesses. My first professional job in the industry was as a web development project manager at a digital marketing agency. It was a mid-sized WordPress shop and provided great experience and insight into many moving pieces. …

How I quit my job and risked everything to become a software engineer

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Burning the boats is a concept where you leave no other option other than victory. In 1519 Hernan Cortes landed in Veracruz to begin his conquest and subsequently gave the order to burn the boats.

Just a year ago, I had a stable life, a good job as a web development project manager, I was doing well and life was certain. Then the pandemic hit, I was lucky enough to have the ability to work from home but I became increasingly unhappy.

I had long given consideration…

Things they won’t tell you starting out.

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When I was first learning to code, a little over 3 years ago, I often felt lost. At the time I was just using YouTube, I eventually started going through Udemy and took a fantastic course from Colt Steele, it was called The Web Developer Bootcamp. It covered everything from HTML to Github and RESTful. I learned a ton, however, at times you just want a real person to help walk you through the why behind the how. I have taken several other courses throughout my time learning. I did Udacity Front End Nano Degree, I also went through a…

Adonis Edwards

Software Engineer/gamer/father and husband.

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